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Robin Hallett
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Hello, sweet friend!

This is an awesome offering for those of you considering yourselves both entrepreneur and lightsparkler. You want to feel good in your bones about what you are doing as you move to shine your light in the world.

This series was intuitively guided, from my heart to yours, in all the areas I've helped people overcome obstacles to shining in the 20 years I've been helping people in private session. May it serve you well!

Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1: Everything You Want is Here Now

Lesson 2: What If It Was Easy?

Lesson 3: Invest in the YES :)

Lesson 4: I Know Who I am. I know What I am. I Know How I Serve.

Lesson 5: Shine On (and why that's so hard!)

Lesson 6: You Matter the Most

Lesson 7: the Green-Eyed Monster of Awakening

Lesson 8: Be Intentional Not Laissez Faire

Lesson 9: The Gazinta Principle

Lesson 10: FOMO Is My Friendo

Lesson 11: MONEY = My Own Natural Energy Yield

Lesson 12: Set a Boundary, Save a Life

What You Receive: 

12 HD quality videos, 6+ hours of awesome teachings from a friend who's been rocking her own practice since 1996 ;)

+ audio recordings for each video lesson

+ Lightworker Love book with my personal letters to you on every lesson with bonus material related to your lessons, too

+ prompts for journaling

+ extra measure goodness like my Artsy Craftsy Healery offerings and Magic Manifesting intention rituals

+ let’s not forget that you’ll also receive support, love, and encouragement, and dare I say, enjoyment! 

What friends have to say:

"This course gave me the parts I never knew I was missing. So much heart and soul and gentle loving guidance and support offered by you Robin, and yet the most direct and honest advice about stepping up, about authenticity, and commitment/discipline. I cannot thank you enough for stripping it right back and taking your time with the truly important stuff ~ ourselves, our beliefs, our approach to our business, our own self-esteem and our own healing so that we truly do build strong foundations for our wonderful new or growing businesses. You have changed the very way I live my life on a daily basis; the way I schedule my time, the way I approach my work times, what exactly I do now schedule into my days and weeks, and heck even the way I write. I have never before mastered frequency and consistency in my business, and whilst it’s early days, I feel I am finally walking my talk and I am so excited about what is to come. Thank you so so much, Robin, for the safe container you offered, for your loving support and guidance throughout the course, and for how tenderly you delivered each class, and any guidance you gave us on Facebook, and thank you for not holding back on that guidance and calling forth our best and most pro-like selves! :o) Eternally grateful" 

“Robin is so authentic and always shows up, with her warm humor and her knowing. When she says she will be there, she is there, every day in every way. She tells it like it is, no frills, and that works so well for me.”

"The reason most business courses sit inert on our hard drives is because they don’t address either the deeply-rooted fears that stop us OR the often unspoken heartfelt desires that pull us forwards. Robin’s course helps us dive deep into this essential self-knowledge, offering a nourishing mix of practical advice, spiritual support, generous conversation, and her own fabulous humor. As in, snort your tea up your nose funny! One of the most potent philosophies I have taken from Robin’s “Businessy Alignment Courses” is that “if you want to go bigger, you must go deeper.”

“I have learned so much from Robin and I count her as one of the finest, most powerful, and most truly transformative teachers I have been blessed to know. If you’re thinking of joining the circle, let me encourage you. In the light of her loving focus and X-ray beam of soul-knowing, you, too, will grow and bloom! After six months in Robin Hallett’s Love Posse, I have come to the conclusion that Robin is a kind of human “grow light.” Everyone in the orbit of this loving, brilliant, wildly intuitive woman seems to flourish! With skill and tenderness, she guides us to put down deeper and sturdier roots in the truth of who we are. Her faith in us helps us to unfurl and open to new powers and possibilities. We begin to believe that we deserve to live in the sunlight – and with Robin’s encouragement, we bloom!"

I want this!


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